People have already been complaining about washing the bathroom given that the associated with interior plumbing. Now a new study with the University of Los angeles San Francisco/Berkeley Ergonomics Program indicates of which help is along the way for those who else detest bending in addition to stretching to obtain a thoroughly clean tub and shower.

According to typically the study, using a new tool using a long handle could make cleaning the tub/shower simpler, taking less work and decreasing tension on shoulders, knees and lower back.

“The widely used sponge and spray cleaner cleaning method is likely to place users in a number of postures that can result in injury to the musculoskeletal program, ” said examine lead ergonomist and physical therapist, Indignación Janowitz. “Our research shows that by using a cleaning tool using a long handle to accomplish the stretching for you personally helps relieve musculoskeletal stress. “

Following a few easy tips can help an individual prevent low back pain, says Janowitz.

• Press rather than draw when you have to move a heavy object. Keep your current back straight in addition to the object close to your body when moving a great object. Always avoid twisting when you are lifting.

• While performing common household chores, use products that are ergonomically built to reduce awkward twisting or stretching, such as the Clorox BathWand. Developed specifically for cleansing Media Training plus shower, this handy tool has a new 23-inch handle in addition to swiveling head that allows you to easily reach large and hard-to-clean locations without straining or kneeling.

• A great inactive lifestyle can contribute to lower back pain, so make positive to get some exercise regularly. Workout is important for strengthening and health and fitness muscles of the particular torso, or “core” muscles, that help the lower again.

Experts estimate of which 80 percent regarding Americans will experience back pain at some time in their life. To help keep back pain from interfering with the particular activities of your own everyday life, be positive to take the particular necessary precautions any time possible-be it upon the job or even while doing duties around the residence.

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