Introduction: – Background of the study: – Information is estimation and more companies have understood that the dangers of information security can impact business, prepare consistency and open an image, relationships, can generate monetary misfortunes, relationships with clients and accomplices and their compliance also raises issues with a dominant legal presence in the event of a breach (Marchewka, 2014).


The world has become a world city due to the widespread use of the web, where with a click of the mouse, a lonely thought can reach billions of people around the world. The benefits of information for companies are obviously incomprehensible. Information is now the main driving force of organizations and economies due to the globalization of products and markets. The Internet has improved the accessibility of information in this way, making it the most important source of information and a method of transmitting information. The obstruction achieved by area is starting to lessen as virtual organizations operate 24 hours a day. The greater dependence on information by organizations has consequently led to greater dependence on CIA (confidentiality, integrity and availability) are the three main characteristics of information security. Privacy ensures that data is only accessible by those who have the rights, the integrity of the information acts as a complete and uncorrupted state, and the availability will allow users or other systems to access the information (solms, & niekerk, 2013; shedden , Smith, & Ahmad, 2010; Whitman and Mattord, 2008). The document presents all the details on information security threats, threat overviews with the origin of security threats through internal and external threats caused.
information security threats: – “Information security is the guarantee of data and its basic components” (Whitman & Mattord, 2008). Ferrari and thuraisingham (2006) have described information security as protecting information and frames from dangers, such as unauthorized access, illegal use, exposure, interruption, alteration or destruction. According to ponemon institute (2014) and walters (2014) they found that information or security breaches occur when information is not adequately protected and unauthorized persons can access it. A breach of information can generate authentic results. For organizations, a hiatus often includes real budget mishaps, expensive compensation claims, reputational damage and, in scandalous cases, loss of business. Wholesale fraud, money-related mishaps and damage assessment are part of the results of the information crash for people. The recovery of the computer crack takes several years and the money-related damages are cruel (ponemon institute, 2014). Information security (infosec) is radical and incorporates specialized, behavioral, administrative, philosophical and hierarchical methodologies that discuss the security and moderation of threats to information assets (Zafar & Clark, 2009). Although a part of the information systems investigated in the field of information security has considered socio-philosophical or socio-authoritative problems, it has essentially concentrated on specialized issues related to the scheme and use of security subsystems (choo, 2011). For example, advanced technical approaches to address early disruption in licensed frameworks (Hansen, Lowry, meservy, and McDonald, 2007), discovery of denial-of-service attacks (zhi-jun, hai-tao, ming-hua, and bao- tune, 2012)) and more advanced solutions for the protection of fire walls (ayuso, gasca and LeFevre, 2012).

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